What To Expect At Your Trucking Orientation

What is driver orientation?

Driver orientation is the first step toward becoming a driver with a trucking company. It’s for those who want to become company drivers and will be a combination of you and the company (e.g., the driver success manager, recruiter, etc.) getting to know each other, driver training on company procedures, completing paperwork, and passing a driving test.

In order to attend driver orientation, you’ll first need to pass a DOT drug test and receive an invitation letter, called a pre-hire letter. The letter will come directly from the trucking company and can be a result of your truck driving school having a relationship with the trucking company.

There are a variety of ways trucking companies conduct the driver orientation process. It can last anywhere from one to four days depending on the company. Demonstrating your skills will consist of a road test and a pre-trip inspection test.

Be ready to bring to orientation a voided check for direct deposit, your driver’s license, your drug test results, and anything else the company specifies, such as a social security card or passport.

What is the best trucking company for a new driver?

Ultimately, this is a subjective question that truck drivers must answer for themselves. There are some general favorites, though. The following trucks made the list for some combination of having good training programs, offering paid CDL training, giving new drivers lots of time with mentors, paying well, and/or having a large enough fleet to provide reliable work.



U.S. Xpress

C.R. England



Which trucking company pays the most for training?

In exchange for you agreeing to work for them after you’ve completed the training, some companies will pay for your CDL training. They may also require you to pay them back for the training expense over time or require you to work with them for a certain amount of time.

Companies who pay for CDL training will usually hire truckers they’ve paid to train into entry-level driving jobs. Keep in mind that every trucking company is a little different. Talk to the recruiter, ask lots of questions, and make sure you understand what you’re signing up for.

You may also find these paid CDL driver training programs are sometimes less rigorous than private schools. Some only teach you what you need to know to pass the test. That may sound great, but some future employers may not like seeing them on your resume. Research the quality of the training before you accept free CDL driver training.

What type of trucking pays the most?

The answer to this falls into the “more risk, more reward” category. Know the risks and what the work will require of you, such as a particular endorsement or extreme conditions, before you select any of these.


Ice Road Truck Driver

Hazmat Truck Driver

Private Fleet Truck Driver

Tanker Drivers