Why You Should Consider Becoming a Professional Truck Driver

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Professional Truck Driver

The demand for truck drivers in the American economy is continuously on the rise, ensuring job security, great wages - and much more. 

The Benefits of Becoming a CDL Driver

Job Security

The demand for commercially licensed drivers is HIGH.

The American Trucking Association estimates we will be short 1,000,000 drivers by 2030. This means there is a consistent need for drivers, and carriers are competing for their attention, with many offering sign on bonuses even for inexperienced drivers. 

Great Pay and Benefits

Most trucking companies are offering benefits such as:

  • Paid vacations and holidays
  • Medical and life insurance
  • 401K retirement plans
  • Competitive wages

Professional Opportunity

Many drivers go on to become trainers, dispatchers, logistics management and HR professionals - Many also decide to run their own business!

Many first-year drivers are earning up to $80,000 dollars in their first year. A weekly salary of $1,500!!!

Employment Opportunities for Truck Drivers

As of 2023, the industry is currently 78,000 drivers short. The American Trucking Association estimates that we will be 1 Million drivers short by 2030.

This shortage of drivers paired with the fact that over 70% of goods in America moved by truck highlights the essential role of professional truck drivers in the American economy. 

As a result, driver salaries have increased ~18% in the last two years alone. This is your market – and employers need you!

Types of Companies You Can Work For as A Professional Driver

There are over 800,000 companies moving freight in the U.S. today -- many of whom don't actually identify as a "motor carrier" or "trucking company".

These include a group of employers often referred to as "private fleets" - or companies who manufacture and distribute their own goods. If you've ever seen a PepsiCo truck on the street -- that is a perfect example of a private fleet.

Here are some of the types of companies and career opportunities you will have as a professional truck driver:

  • Mail Courier
  • Waste Management
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Food Distribution
  • Basic Goods Distribution
  • Moving and Storage
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturer
  • Truckload
  • Less Than Truckload
  • Public Transit
  • Schools
  • Driver Staffing

And let's not forget: Your own! Many drivers decide to eventually become owner operators, meaning they purchase and run their own equipment.

Additional Benefits of a Career as A Professional Driver

In addition to earning a weekly pay check of up to $1,500 a week your first year on the job, Professional driver's experience several benefits.

  • Great Insurance
  • 401K Retirement Savings Plans (often times with an employer match)
  • The ability to maneuver state of the art technology and equipment
  • The ability to travel across the U.S.A.
  • Perform Team Truck Driving if desired
  • Bring pets along for the ride
  • Job security
  • Career growth

Are you ready to become a professional truck driver?

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