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At The CDL School, we take pride in being a leader in all the markets we serve. We attribute this success to our exceptional program design, which has been crafted to meet the needs of aspiring truck drivers. Our programs are designed to be both affordable in terms of time and money, allowing students to complete their training quickly and efficiently.

Over the years, our programs have been proven to be highly effective in preparing tens of thousands of students for their careers in the trucking industry. Whether you're a seasoned driver or just starting out, we have a program that can help you achieve your goals and advance your career.

Our CDL Training Programs and Courses

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Entry Level Driver Training

FMCSA certified self-guided and instructor led online ELDT Certification programs for future truck drivers. 

80 hours

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CDL Class A

We offer courses to help you become a Class A certified driver on a manual or automatic transmission tractor.

102 to 192 hours

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CDL Class B

We offer courses to help you become a Class B certified driver, including with passenger or school endorsements if required.

102 to 192 hours


Hazmat Certification

For ELDT HAZMAT endorsement seekers, our course offers 5 hours of classroom instruction, practice tests, and more.

5 hours


Automatic Restriction Removal

For students with a valid Class A or Class B CDL with an E restriction, this program removes the automatic-only restriction.

6 hours

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Private Lesson With Instructor

Private lessons for CDL Class A or B license holders seeking one-on-one time with a licensed instructor in their certified vehicle.

2 hours

What Graduates of The CDL School are Saying

The instructors were great, knowledgeable, and patient, being such an accelerated program I am confident in my understanding of the trucks and my abilities. Anthony E. (01/2022)
This school is excellent. My husband and his friend attended this school and got jobs straight after finishing. JP helped both of them, he is amazing. Nicole M. (03/2022)
I attended this school it was great classroom and OTR training. I would recommend to anyone looking to get into industry. Byron D. (06/2022)

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