How To Backup a Tractor Trailer: Tips You Need to Know

How To Backup a Tractor Trailer: Tips You Need to Know

Backing up a tractor trailer is one of the most important, yet difficult task for both, a new and veteran trucker.  This is something that truckers will usually spend most of their time while practicing truck driving. Learning truck backing techniques requires you to have knowledge of three backing angles. When out on the road, there are many situations that you will come across. Here are some tips to back your truck up the right way.

Avoid Common Mistakes in Backing Up a Tractor Trailer

When implementing the reverse maneuver, make sure to avoid some of common mistakes to steer clear from accidents. Some of the biggest mistake truckers make is that they do not avoid distractions. When backing up your truck, you need to trigger a deep sense of focus and concentration. To accomplish this, you will have to put side all possible distractions that will come in your way.

Maneuvering into a Dock

It is important to set your truck up for the perfect pull back into an empty space. Some drivers usually struggle to set themselves in a good position. When backing up parallel to a parking spot, you need to come to a position where you have enough space and turning room to turn the wheel. This will help you line up the trailer with the dock properly. Below are some tips on how to backup a tractor trailer in a position that will make the parking process easier.

Drive as CLOSE as you can to the dock

When driving parallel to the dock space, drive very close to it slowly to avoid all mistakes and mishaps. Once you steer ahead of the docking space, make sure to turn your truck hard to right once the middle of the trailer is about dead center to the docking space. This is assuming that you are backing in from the driver side, which is highly recommended.

Take your time and USE mirrors

Be sure to take as much time as you want, and utilize your mirrors as much as possible. Looking out the windows can definitely be helpful. However, you mirrors are your best friends when backing up a tractor trailer.  You will have to use them regardless of what angle you are backing your truck from.

Concluding Thoughts

One you have steered right from driving close to the dock, all you are left to do is back up into an angle. These angles will include a 45 degrees angle, 0 degrees or 90 degrees, all ranging in difficulty and situation. Practicing from all angles is a huge deal when learning how to back a semi trailer.