Is Being an OTR Truck Driver For Me?

Is Being an OTR Truck Driver For Me?

As of January 2022, an average OTR truck driver can make upwards of $52,000 per year. Compared to the rest of the gigs in the trucking industry, this is huge!

But, the sweeter the reward, the more complex the pathway to achieving it. That’s right! Being an OTR truck driver requires a lot of skill, resilience, and dedication.

So let’s proceed by looking at what describes an OTR trucker, and most importantly, if you can become one yourself!

What is an OTR Truck Driver?

An over the road or OTR truck driver is basically someone who ships freight over distances way longer than the conventional delivery routines. An OTR driver can stay en route for several days at once, sometimes even weeks!

While local drivers ship freight within their state or their locality, an OTR driver has to drive their truck across several states at once. Therefore, it is understandable that this job is not straightforward and definitely not for everyone.

So now, after answering what is an OTR truck driver, let’s actually see if you have what it takes to become!

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

This job is not a conventional one and requires major lifestyle changes. However, the compensation you get for it in return is worth it! But, are you fit for it?

You sure are if your answer to the three undermentioned questions is a positive one!

1.    Are You Comfortable Staying Away From Home on a Regular Basis?

As mentioned earlier, OTR truck drivers need to ship freight throughout the country. Hence, they stay on the road for extended periods. So if you are comfortable being on the road, away from your friends and family, this is perfect for you!

2.    Do You Want to Work Harder to Make a Handsome Wager?

Being an OTR truck driver is perhaps the most daunting gig in the entire trucking industry. It’s for individuals who are hardened and have the will to go on. You sure have to put in extra hours and extra effort, but there’s no denying that you’ll get heavy rewards!

3.    Can You Drive Long Distances for Extended Periods?

Undoubtedly, the determining factor in this regard is whether you have the skills required to remain on the road for weeks. It is exhausting and really draining. Therefore, if you have the capacity to drive for several days with minimal breaks in between, why aren’t you an OTR truck driver yet?

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