How to Get a Trucking Job With No Experience

How to Get a Trucking Job With No Experience

What Is The Best Trucking Company To Start With?

One of the fastest ways to find your first job as a truck driver is to look for companies who recruit specifically for new drivers with no driving experience. These entry level truck driving jobs can target any class of commercial driver’s license (CDL) and could be for over the road (OTR) work or local truck driving work, such as driving a dump truck for a construction company or working as a delivery driver.

Many companies look for drivers right out of school. Studies have shown that new drivers can many times be safer, because they are extra careful as a new driver. Many of them are also very loyal. If new drivers are happy in their first job they are likely to stay there for a longer period of time than an average experienced driver.

TransForce is a great company to start with to find trucking jobs with no experience. This company’s main job is to find the right job for drivers. You can work for TransForce directly and be placed in long or short-term assignments with different motor carriers; or they can help you get a job directly with a company. They have dedicated teams searching for companies and job opportunities specifically for entry-level drivers. If you choose to work directly for TransForce they also provide health benefits, 401k, and tuition reimbursement programs.

Recently, the company launched a brand new app for truck drivers searching for jobs – TF1. On TF1 you can find jobs for new drivers, and be able to view the pay, location and job specifications. It’s available for download for Android and Apple. The app matches what you are looking for to jobs available.

The types of jobs you can get with a CDL are diverse and there’s always a need for truck drivers.

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How Do I Get Started In Trucking?

As an inexperienced driver, the main thing is to apply to a variety of jobs and be open to starting your driving career with a truck driving job type that isn’t necessarily your top choice. If you’ve earned your Class A CDL and can’t wait to become an owner operator with your own tractor trailer and steady OTR loads, be patient. Besides, being home daily has its advantages.

To some companies, commercial driving experience and the traits of a good truck driver are all you need to get started. Others will require prior experience. Get that work experience as a local driver close to home if you need to or look for companies that will train you and give you the driving experience they want you to have.

Is It Hard To Get A Job As A Trucker?

In 2021, the American Trucking Association estimated the trucking industry needed another 80,000 truck drivers. That’s good news for new CDL truck drivers with no driving experience. Once you’ve completed the training program and earned your CDL, keep a clean driving record, and apply to a variety of truck driver jobs.

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Which Trucking Company Pays New Drivers Most?

Remember that compensation includes more than the amount in your paycheck. Look at health benefits, time off, expected workload (as in part-time or full-time), home time, cents per mile (CPM) versus weekly pay, and sign-on bonuses. The TF1 app will show you real jobs, and pay in your area.