How to Get a Commercial Driver License in 2022

How to Get a Commercial Driver License in 2022

If you are looking to get a CDL license in 2022, apply for it before February as there will be many updates and changes coming soon. It is worth noting that none of the updates and changes are concrete yet. The states are still working on refining their policies. Thus, you need to keep them in mind before you start learning about how to get a commercial driver license.


February 7th is the date where all of these changes are to happen. These updates are supposed to make the process to get your CDL more efficient. This means that all CDL trainers and schools need to be registered in the federal database.

This could limit the choices of schools that you can register in. Not only that, there will also be more requirements in the training, which means that you will be required to go through extra testing before you can take the road test itself. Some things are still unclear. Although one thing is for sure, the new ELDT Theory Course will now be a requirement to getting your CDL.

Obtain Commercial Learners Permit

If you want to get a CDL, you have to first get a commercial learners permit. This will require you to go to the DMV where you will have to take three tests. These will be pertaining to Air Brakes, General Knowledge, and Combination.

Before you sign up for the test, make sure that you have your medical certificate which proves that your body is free from narcotics. Furthermore, you also have to find a quality trucking school and study the CDL handbook so that you can easily apply for the test.

Get your CDL

Once you study for the tests and pass the examinations then you need to learn practical trucking skills. For this, you will need to go to a certified CDL school. There, you will learn how to drive in a straight line, offset, 90 degree back in, and more. You can also sign a contract with companies that offer CDL training to help you get your license.

Pick your Route

If you sign up with a trucking company, they will provide you hands-on experience by putting you in the truck with a trainer. They will also pay for you to get your CDL in the contract and take it out of your check weekly. This is the most affordable and easiest way to get a CDL compared to signing up for a private school.

Final Words

As you can see, the process of becoming a licensed trucker depends on how do you get a CDL certification. Despite the route you take, it will involve plenty of learning, practice and apprenticeship. The CDL School offers all the necessary tools for you to get started on you journey to becoming a trucker. Come and take the first step with us!